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Muncie. Settled in the basin of the river Ob (mainly on the left its tributaries — the rivers Konda, North Sosva and others, as well as in the town of Berezov). Speak Mansi language, many Russian. Religion since the beginning of the 17th century was considered to be Orthodox, but they retained various pre-Christian beliefs (including the ancestral cult, shamanism). As an ethnic community Muncie happened, probably in the 1st Millennium B. C. in the process of merging with advanced Ugric peoples of the South with the ancient tribes of hunters and fishermen of the taiga, the Urals. Muncie allied Khanty. In written sources known since the 11th century under the name of "Ugra" (together with Khanty), and since the 14th century under the name "vogelii", "Voguls". Main activities: fishing, hunting, partially reindeer husbandry and also agriculture, animal husbandry and fur farming.