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Save a sound heritage of Russia!

From 18 to 22 November in the Museum and exhibition complex named after. I. Shemanovsky hosted an international scientific-practical conference devoted to the creation of a National digital sound Depository (ISD). Participation the conference was attended by leading specialists of the Institute of Russian literature (Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of linguistic studies, other academic and archival institutions. Among the participants were the Consul of Finland in St. Petersburg (insert last Name), representatives of the administration of Yamal, employees of institutions of culture and education of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.

The aim of the conference was to exchange views on issues of preserving cultural heritage of indigenous and minority peoples of the North and how you can use National electronic sound of the Depositary in the field of education, science and culture
Two days of the conference covered the stages of work on the project NASD and sound conservation of the heritage of indigenous peoples of Yamal, a joint effort identified further research and practical action in this area.
Greetings on behalf of the Governor of Yamal Yury Neyelov, the participants were addressed by the Deputy head of the region Alexander Mazharov: "I am Pleased that the work to create a National sound Depository gaining momentum, has broad support in the scientific and social circles, is a worthy example of effective cooperation of specialists of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous area, and Saint Petersburg, Russia and Abroad. Think of the scientific-practical conference will help to solve current problems of the project, provide an interesting, useful communication and exchange of experience". He also noted that "the Memorandum "About participation in the preservation of historical records of the languages of the peoples of the North of the phonogram archive of the Pushkin house" Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug provided financial assistance for the purchase of necessary equipment, software and technologies for the Pushkin House.
The Deputy Governor of the Yamal Oleg Cantonists read the address on behalf of the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, and wished all participants a successful conference and thanked the Yamal for effective assistance and initiative in preserving national sound heritage. "Here was born on Yamal initiative to implement state significant project. Furthermore, the creation of a public Depositary on the basis of unique audio archive of the Pushkin house is the most important event of the agreement on trade-economic, scientific-technical, social and cultural cooperation between the Yamal Peninsula and St. Petersburg. It is important that the aim of these initiatives is not only the preservation of the audio heritage of Russia, but the inclusion of it in scientific, cultural and educational turnover of the country and around the world on the basis of the most modern information technologies".
The conference participants were welcomed by the Consul of the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg Simo, Pietilainen, who noted that the Finnish government pays attention to the implementation of this unique project considering it extremely important to preserve the culture of minority peoples.
A new national project
Technical and organizational side of the project provides electronic information resources Publishing house "RusAR". Already created a hardware / software environment – the basis of the National Depository, developed specialized software Astra-sound" that helps to organize, preserve and provide access to audio, text, graphic and photographic materials in electronic form.
The experts of the Pushkin house, the Museum and exhibition complex named after. Shemanovsky in Salekhard, the mission of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district in St. Petersburg and "RusAR" initially thought of the project as an all, because they called him – national digital sound, the Depositary, the Depositary, as the vault, where you can place a sound heritage of different regions and cultures and make it widely available in the Internet environment.
In the distance is another objective of the project (in addition to the goal of "save"). Now ordinary researcher a lot of difficulties in gaining access to records from wax roller: here, as with the ancient manuscripts – very few people give them, because every touch media is destroyed.
The number doesn't matter – look, as much as you want. Primarily this should help scientists to work on a scientific description of the content of the audio file may or may Petersburg linguist, and his colleague in any city of Russia through the Internet.
– One might ask why such a force is spent on the small people, " says General Director of "RusAR" Vadim Chebanov. But this is only the beginning. Then you reach the Russian North, to South, to the Caucasus, the Far East, with their rich folklore. Importantly, after the Yamal project, the infrastructure is already created.
– We are at the beginnings of the next national project, – says Elena Zakharova, Deputy head of mission of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district in St. Petersburg. – To engage in the creation of such digitized collections each region separately is very expensive, and if established, the first area, then will simply add – and we get a sound heritage of Russia.
In March 2009, we will open the portal to the Depositary, on which you can hear the languages in which no one speaks.


Interesting fact:

Super-ethnoses is a kind of ethnic the galaxy, uniting ethnic groups in the integrity of the highest order (L. N. Gumilev, "the Geography of ethnos in the historical period", Leningrad, Nauka,1990, p. 34)