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Electronic information resources publishing house, ruser

Main activities:

The creation of electronic information resources.

The creation of electronic catalogues.
In-line scanning and processing of large volumes of paper documents.
The creation of high-quality digital collections.

The use of electronic information resources.

Development of ON-line access and creation of information portals.
Distribution of online access in Russia and abroad.

Current projects :

A project to scan 200 thousand abstracts (about 6 million pages) from the collections of the Russian national library and E-library of abstracts of theses in the framework of the project on creation of the nel.
Retrospective conversion of catalogues in projects of the Mellon Foundation (Washington, USA) in the Russian state library and the State Museum of L. N. Thick (more than 100 thousand bibliographic descriptions).
The creation of a complete Electronic collection of laws of the Russian Empire (in the framework of the project on creation of the nel, more than 250 million pages of text).
Scanning and retrospective conversion of the old part of the General alphabetical catalogue of RSL (more than 250 thousand cards).
The creation of high-quality digital collections of archival documents and the creation of the portal of the international Brigades in the Russian state archive of socio-political history (more than 3 thousands of high quality graphic images of unique archival documents).
The establishment of Centres for scanning and processing of archival documents in TSAMO, the Russian state military archive, ZUMA in the framework of the Russian-American Commission for the search for missing servicemen.

Retrospective conversion

The creation of an Electronic General systematic catalogue of the RSL (more than 4.5 million cards).
The creation of an Electronic Union catalogue of Russian books of the previous century.
Scanning archival inventories of the Russian state historical archive in St. Petersburg.

The creation of electronic resources

Creation of electronic archive of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation (more than 350 thousand documents).

International projects

Creation of Electronic archive of the COMINTERN (more than 1.5 million electronic archival documents).
Scanning and creation of personal databases in the Central archive of the FSB and the Russian state military archive in humanitarian projects Germany-Russia (over 10 million archival documents).
The establishment of centres for scanning and production of electronic resources for the portal "Meetings at the boundaries" for the Library of Congress, the Russian state library, Russian national library.



LLC "Publishing house of electronic information resources RusAR"
Address: Russia, Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka, d.15
Phone: 7 495 692 86 88


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